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    Address(地址): Room 306, NET Building, Hong Jun Ying South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. 中國北京市朝陽區紅軍營南路甲一號NET大廈306室

    Telephone(電話): 010-84966987


    Fax(傳真): 010-84818007

    Postcode(郵編): 100101

    Phone(手機): 13601079913,17710946656

    E-mail(郵箱): 13601079913@139.com


    Website(網址): http://www.btechub.com


          The Company is committed to leveraging its products and services to establish a potential new standard of care across multiple malignant tumor applications.

          The Company is a healthcare solution provider dedicated to the development and commercialization of brachytherapy TPS specifically used for radioactive particle implantation, a type of radiotherapy used in treating cancer patients by placing radioactive sources inside the patient that kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

          FTTPS is technologically advanced and has a wide range of clinical indications. FTTPS is widely used in diseases caused by many types of malignant tumors, including but not limited to prostate cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and breast cancer.

          The Company offers personalized and inclusive services that catered to the specific requirements of its clients.





          The Company focuses on key growth strategies to realize its mission:

          · Enhance ability to attract, incentivize and maintain good relationships with talented professionals. The Company believes its success greatly depends on the ability to attract, incentivize and maintain long-term relationships with talented professionals. In addition, the Company aims to keep long-term relationships with third-party development teams or experts.

          · Continue to invest in research and development. The Company attributes part of its success to our continued investment in and focus on R&D.

          The Company emphasizes quality control in all aspects of its operations to ensure its products meet stringent internal standards, international and industry standards, as well as detailed requirements of various laws and regulations relating to medical devices, including but not limited to the registration and filings for medical devices, the production and operation license, the production and quality management.

          The TPS market is characterized by rapid product development, technological advances, intense competition and a strong emphasis on proprietary products. Across all product lines and product tiers, The Company faces direct competition both domestically in China and internationally. Factors such as price, value, customer support, brand recognition, reputation, and product functionality, reliability, and compatibility are key considerations in the competition.

          As of 2021, Beijing Feitian holds a market share of 60.2% in terms of the total number of installed brachytherapy TPS in the market.

          The Company’s mission is to provide innovative healthcare solutions and world-class service to become a reliable partner with hospitals, physicians and patients.


          · 提高吸引、激勵人才并與之保持良好關系的能力。公司相信其成功在很大程度上取決于吸引、激勵和保持與有才能的專業人士的長期關系的能力。此外,公司旨在與第三方開發團隊或專家保持長期合作關系。

          · 持續投資研究開發。公司的成功部分歸功于其對研發的持續投資和專注。





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